Children's Special Services

Our Mission:
Embracing special children today, for independent citizens tomorrow
The Tennessee Children’s Special Services (CSS) program assures appropriate, timely, comprehensive, quality services to children from birth to 21 who have or are at-risk for special needs. The program promotes the well-being of children in a manner that is family-centered, culturally sensitive and community based through service coordinators acting as liaisons for children, families and providers by facilitating, collaborating and forming partnerships that are flexible and creative in meeting the unique needs of each child.

Children's Special Services:
CSS provides comprehensive medical care for children from birth to 21 years of age. Diagnostic and financial eligibility must be met to participate in the program.

Care Coordination:
Care Coordinators provide access to comprehensive quality services to children and adolescents with complex health care needs through a holistic and innovative network of community resources. A home visit to meet with the family is required. The CSS staff offers care coordination to the families by making home visits, accessing community resources, and working with the family’s strengths or abilities to help them cope with the concerns of their child.

A child under the age of twenty-one (21) who is a resident of Hamilton County and has a chronic illness or a medical condition which may affect their independent functioning and require medical, surgical, dental or rehabilitation treatment.
Some qualifying medical diagnoses may include, but are not limited to :

  • diabetes

  • seizure disorder

  • hearing loss

  • cerebral palsy

  • cleft lip and palate

  • spina bifida

  • scoliosis

  • cystic fibrosis

Financial eligibility is based on family size and income level. The child's family income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Items to Bring With You to CSS:

  • Your child's TennCare card

  • Any private insurance cards

  • Proof of address (ex: utility bills, lease agreement)

  • Proof of ALL household income including, but not limited to:

    • SSI

    • Families First

    • Unemployment Check Stubs (last 4 consecutive)

    • Last 2 consecutive paycheck stubs (if paid bi-weekly)

    • Last 4 consecutive paycheck stubs (if paid weekly)

    • Last year's income tax statement (if self-employed)

CSS may pay for the following services:

  • Diagnostic evaluation

  • Hospitalization

  • Rehabilitation services

  • Pharmacy services

  • Speech & language therapy

  • Hearing aids

  • Medical & surgical treatment

  • Care coordination

  • Physical & occupational therapy

  • Braces & artificial limbs

  • Durable medical equipment

  • Wheelchairs & walkers

CSS does not cover:

  • Developmental delay not accompanied by a qualifying medical diagnosis

  • Basic dental needs

  • Care/treatment of a condition not approved by CSS

  • Transportation

  • Routine well-child care

  • Visits to health care providers who are not approved by CSS

  • A statement with specific diagnosis and a referral from a physician, if available

  • Complete and accurate financial information

  • Copy of private insurance or TennCare card

  • Signature of parent or legal guardian

Click Here for Children Special Services Application (Print and Fill Out)

You may bring your completed application to us or send it to:  Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department, Children's Special Services, 921 E. 3rd St, Chattanooga TN 37403

You may also fax the completed application to us at:  423-209-8265

For more information, please call us at (423) 209-8080 or visit:
Tennessee Department of Health, Children's Special Services