Hamilton County Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Case Information

Visit the Health Department's Connect With Us page for a list of COVID-19 resources in Hamilton County.


The Health Department posts the number of positive, negative, and total number of coronavirus (COVID-19) test results for Hamilton County each day between 3-4PM. The Tennessee Department of Health reports the number of test results for the entire state on their website at 2PM Central (3PM Eastern). In the case of a discrepancy between the two websites, our local data should be considered the more up-to-date for Hamilton County. 



Total Number of Cases


Deaths / Muertes 111

* Case Count includes confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases.

Positive – Test results show the individual has COVID-19 (coronavirus) 

Negative - Test results show the individual does not have COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The table and graphs below will be updated daily Monday – Friday only (excluding holidays)