Baby & Me Tobacco Free

Baby & Me Tobacco Free is a smoking cessation program that encourages pregnant mothers who smoke to quit smoking during the pregnancy and to remain smoke free after the birth.

Why is it Important for Pregnant Women to be Tobacco Free?

Tobacco use during pregnancy increases the risk of low birth weight and premature birth. Learn more about the effects of smoking during pregnancy here.

How Does the Program Work?

Women who are pregnant and smoking, or have recently quit smoking within 3 months of becoming pregnant are eligible for the Baby & Me Tobacco Free program. Participants meet monthly with their counselor who will give them a carbon monoxide "breathalyzer" to determine if they have been smoking or not. As long as the participants remains smoke free, they can get a $25 voucher for Walmart to be used for diapers. Participants can remain in the program for up to one year postpartum. 

For complete details, contact:

Charlean Roberson
(423) 209-8141