The following committees are standing committees that carry out the administrative duties of the Council:

Executive Committee
This Committee is composed of all officers and all committee chairpersons. This committee is charged with reviewing issues that are important to the Council by providing initial insight prior to presentation to the full Council. The Council must subsequently ratify decisions made by this committee.

By-Laws Committee
This Committee is responsible for developing and facilitating modifications to the By- Laws and for submitting recommendations for changes to the Council for consideration.

Nominating Committee
This Committee is responsible for recommending a slate of officers to the Council for an election. Should a Council officer be unable to complete the elected term, the Nominating Committee shall recommend to the Council someone to fill the unexpired term. It is  also responsible for submitting recommendations for Council Membership to the County Mayor and County Commissioners.

The following subcommittees carry out the Council's work in the respective Strategic Priority Areas:

Addictions & Dependency Subcommittee

This committee identifies, evaluates and mobilizes community resources that address various addictions including drug use, alcohol use and the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems.  The committee partners with mental health agencies throughout Hamilton County to achieve its mission.


Preventive Health Subcommittee

Note: no new newsletters are being produced at this time, however, the archives remain up for viewing.

This committee identifies gaps in preventive health services and works collaboratively with community partners to address those service voids.  The committee promotes health access and helps to mobilize existing services that focus on death promotion and the prevention of illness, disease, disability and death among residents.


Policy, Advocacy, and Futures Subcommittee

This committee’s focus is to identify areas where legislation, ordinances, and policies are needed to support changes that will promote healthy behaviors and reduce illness, death and disability among residents of Hamilton County.