Requests for Data, Speakers, or Media Interviews

The Health Department makes every attempt to satisfy information requests.  Before submitting your request, please see our Community Assessment Data & Planning webpage to see if the information for which you are looking has already been published.  If not, then please contact our Office of Community Assessment & Planning at (423) 209-8093.

Community Assessment Data and Planning



Public Information Officer (PIO)

The Public Information Officer is responsible for external communications such as media interviews, press conferences, press releases, media advisories, social media (Facebook and Twitter), the Health Department website, and maintains the Crisis & Emergency Communication Plan (CERC).
Any journalists and videographers, whether employed by a media organization or self-employed, wishing to interview any Health Department employee should contact the PIO for arrangements.

To request an interview, please submit this form:

Media Request Form

To request a speaker or representative from the Health Department for your health event, please complete the following form and submit it to the email address given on the form:

Health Fair Request