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Community Assessment and Planning (Health Data)

  • The Office of Community Assessment and Planning conducts ongoing community health data collection and analysis in an effort to understand and monitor the health status and health needs of residents of Hamilton County.
  • In addition, Community Assessment and Planning is are responsible for identifying resources, strategies and evidence-based health plans that can be used to address those needs.
2015 Hamilton County 
Community Health Data Profile 

A comprehensive snapshot of our community's health.

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Below are major chapters in the full document.  We have hyperlinked them here to make them easier to access.  Introduction and Appendices are only in the full document.

  • Key Indicators
        - Summary of findings showing public health successes and challenges in
           light of the Healthy People 2020 plan
  • Demographics and Social Determinants of Health
         - Race and ethnicity, An Aging Population, Educational Attainment, Poverty
  • General Health Status and Quality of Life
         - Defining quality of life, Overall Well Being, Supportive Environment
  • Access to Health Care and Coverage
         - Health Insurance Status, Medicare and TennCare, Enrollment Trends, Health
           Care Providers, Hospitals in Hamilton County, Health Care Utilization Adults
  • Infant and Maternal Health
         - Birth and Birth Rates, Births by Race/Ethnicity, Teen Births, Delayed or No
           Prenatal Care, Smoking During Pregnancy, Preterm Births, Low Birth Weight,
           Infant Mortality, Summary of Birth Outcomes
  • Death, Illness, and Injury
         - Death (Mortality), Leading Causes of Death, Chronic Diseases (Heart
           Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, etc.), Risk Factors for Chronic Disease (Tobacco
           Use, Obesity, Hypertension, High Blood Cholesterol, Physical Inactivity),
           Injury and Violence
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
         - Mental Health (Suicide), Alcohol and Drug Use (Adult and Teen, Treatment
           Admissions), Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
  • Environmental Health
         - Air Quality, Water Quality, Lead, Rabies
  • Communicable Diseases
         - Reportable Diseases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS,
           Tuberculosis, Influenza-like Illness Activity, Childhood Immunizations

2008  Infant Mortality Report 
Assessing fetal and infant mortality in Hamilton County with the Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR) approach. 

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Community Data Sources
Community Health Plans
Hamilton County health data and statistics, strategies, and future directions.

Survey Data
Adults: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey (BRFSS)

Youth Risk Surveillance Survey (YRBS)

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 Data Sources and Where to Find Data
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Hamilton County Government

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Tennessee Department of Health

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U.S. Census Bureau

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Requesting data & publications
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