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Environmental Health Services - Main
Environmental Health Services
Director, Bonnie Deakins
Principal Secretary, Beth McDonald
(423) 209-8110

Programs under departmental regulation include:

  • Rabies Control
  • Food & General Sanitation
  • The department participates in emergency preparedness and planning for the Health Department
  • We provide educational information to the public about various environmental issues such pollution and hazardous chemicals
  • Some staff members work with DART (Hamilton County Disaster Animal Response Team) to respond to emergencies that negatively affect animals

Food & General Sanitation (423) 209-8110

  • Lowe Wilkins is the Program Manager for Food & General Sanitation
  • The Food Program Secretary position is currently vacant
  • Jeff Brown, Ryan Brown, Josh Eller, Elizabeth McDaniel, Amanda Smith and Lowe Wilkins are Environmentalists who conduct inspections
  • Walter Johnson, Enforcement Officer, Health and Safety Board (county complaints only)

Inspections are conducted on food establishments, hotels/motels, public swimming pools, day cares, day camps, and tattoo establishments. General sanitation complaints (garbage, open dumps, high grass) are investigated by inspectors in this program. If necessary, the inspector sends a notice to the owner or consults with the owner to abate the problem. Any severe health or safety hazards that are not addressed by the owner will be referred to Walter Johnson.

Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill

Rabies Program (423) 209-8110
Melissa Gannon is the secretary, Leah Sergeant and Eugene Remson are the environmentalists for the Rabies Program. The Health Department is responsible for rabies control in Hamilton County. Any animal bites (domestic animals or wildlife) should be reported to the Environmental Health Office as soon as possible. Local emergency rooms and physician’s offices should send bite reports via fax or by calling the office.

Air Quality
The Health Department provides information to the public about indoor air pollution problems such as mold and radon.
For more information call (423) 209-8110.

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