The goal of Hamilton County Health Department’s Sexual Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) is to prevent sexual violence before it occurs. SVPP uses a public health approach that focuses on protecting Hamilton County residents by:

·         Changing societal norms to ones that don’t tolerate sexual violence through education and recognition of attitudes and behaviors that contribute to the normalization of sexual violence.

·         Providing trainings, workshops, and seminars about healthy relationship development.

·         Increasing skill-building for respectful peer-to-peer and intimate relationships.

·         Building organizational and community capacity for the prevention of sexual violence.


Monica Thompson, MPH

Public Health Educator, Sexual Violence Prevention Program




The Hamilton County Health Department offers seminars, training programs, and workshops that focus on the myths and realities of sexual and relationship violence. These programs promote healthy relationship skill-building, and reinforcing positive community norms. Programming can be altered to meet specific needs or age groups.