The goal of Hamilton County Health Department’s Sexual Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) is prevent sexual violence before it occurs. SVPP uses a public health approach that focuses on protecting Hamilton County Residents by:

·         Changing societal norms to ones that don’t tolerate sexual violence by through education and recognition of attitudes and behaviors that contribute to normalization of sexual violence.

·         Providing training, workshops, and seminars about healthy relationship development.

·         Increasing skill-building for respectful peer-to-peer and intimate relationships.

·         Building organizational and community capacity for the prevention of sexual violence.

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Defining Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is sexual activity when consent is not obtained or freely given. The term “sex violence” is an all-encompassing, non-legal term that refers to crimes like sexual assault, rape, and sexual abuse. 

Impact of Sexual Violence

Each year, millions of Americans are impacted by sexual violence. Because so many cases go unreported, researchers know that the statistics do not resemble the severity of the issue.

  • Sexual violence is common. Over half of women and almost 1 in 3 men have experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes.
  • Sexual violence starts early. More than 4 in 5 female rape survivors reported that they were first raped before age 25 and almost half were first raped as a minor (i.e., before age 18). Nearly 8 in 10 male rape survivors reported that they were made to penetrate someone before age 25 and about 4 in 10 were first made to penetrate as a minor.
  • Sexual violence disproportionately affects some groups. Women and racial and ethnic minority groups experience a higher burden of sexual violence.
  • Sexual violence is costly. Recent estimates put the lifetime cost of rape at $122,461 per survivor, including medical costs, lost productivity, criminal justice activities, and other costs.

What is the Hamilton County Health Department Doing?
Hamilton County Health Department works to educate and increase awareness for youth, ages 13 and above about forced or coerced non-consensual sexual contact. Our seminars, training programs, and workshops focus on the myths and realities of sexual and relationship violence, promoting healthy relationships skill-building, and reinforcing positive community norms. Programming can be altered to meet specific needs or age groups.

Click on any of the images below to for more information about those programs. To read more a synopsis of these programs visit: SVPP Curriculum List




Safe Bar Initiative


Safe Bar is an initiative developed by the Sexual Assault Center of Middle Tennessee to train local bars and restaurants in bystander intervention and raising awareness about alcohol’s role in sexual assault. It aims to engage bar owners and staff in doing their part to partner with the community to prevent sexual violence across Tennessee.


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