Purpose of the Hamilton County Regional Health Council

The Hamilton County Regional Health Council serves as an advisory body to the Hamilton County Health Department, and serves as the lead community-based organization on important matters relating to the health of Hamilton County residents.

The Council monitors the health status of residents and recommends strategies, with the involvement of physicians, mental health providers, allied health professionals, and other area officials and resources to assure the health of persons residing in Hamilton County.


Specific Responsibilities of the Council

1.       Assess the health status of the community using a variety of methodologies.

2.       Prioritize the health needs identified from data and information collection efforts.

3.       Develop a Community Health Plan that includes recommendations for strategies and interventions that seek to improve the public’s health.

4.       Identify key resources and develop partnerships to foster collaborative efforts that address community health needs.

5.       Provide local input in advocating for funding, policies, ordinances, laws and legislation designed to improve the public’s health.



Every person will have the opportunity to experience optimal health as a result of renewing our commitment to redesign our community, one person, one neighborhood, one institution, and one system at a time through the cooperation of all people.


Council Meetings

The Regional Health Council meets at least quarterly on the first Monday of the month from 11:30 am to 1 pm.  When the first Monday falls on a holiday, the Council meets on the second Monday of that particular month. For an updated schedule of Council and Committee meetings, visit the Health Department’s online calendar. Meetings are open to the public. To RSVP, please email RHC@hamiltontn.gov.


Membership Selection Process

Membership of the Council consists of 27 voting members. Each of the eleven members of the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners may appoint one (1) voting member to the Council. The Hamilton County Mayor may appoint sixteen (16) at-large members. Each appointment must be approved by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners. For a full list of current Regional Health Council members, click here.


Media coverage at the Council meeting on the opioid crisis. Golley Auditorium, Hamilton County Health Department.

Presentation to the Council on the opioid crisis in Tennessee by Dr. Nita Shumaker, President of the Tennessee Medical Association. Golley Auditorium, Hamilton County Health Department.