Community Health Access and Navigation in Tennessee (CHANT)

What is CHANT?
CHANT is a voluntary care coordination service offered through Local Health Departments. Screening and assessments are conducted to determine families' needs. Care coordinators assist with connecting families to available resources. Individuals may also qualify for reimbursement of medical services and assistance with co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance for children with physical disabilities. CHANT provides enhanced patient-centered engagement, care coordination and navigation of medical and social service needs.  Navigating the complex system of health and social services can be challenging for many individuals and families, and depending on individual needs and medical diagnoses, care may involve a number of programs, providers, and personnel. To overcome these challenges, the Tennessee Department of Health recently streamlined three public health programs, Help Us Grow Successfully (HUGS), Children’s Special Services (CSS) and Tenncare Kids Community Outreach into one integrated model of care coordination, the Community Health Access and Navigation in Tennessee (CHANT). CHANT teams provide enhanced patient-centered engagement, navigation of medical and social services referrals, and impact pregnancy, child and maternal health outcomes.

Who is eligible?

Individuals eligible for CHANT include:
• Pregnant and postpartum adolescents and women
• Children (Birth – 21 years)
• Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (Birth – 21 years)

Have a referral?

CHANT Care Coordination teams are located in each of the 95 Tennessee counties within local health departments. Referrals are accepted from all medical providers and social service agencies. Self-referrals to CHANT are also accepted. Please contact the Hamilton County CHANT Program for more information at 423-209-8080.

For more information regarding resources in Tennessee related to health, education, development and community support for children birth-18 years of age, please visit

Referral Form: State of Tennessee (

Comprehensive Screening and Assessment

Each member of the family unit is screened for the following:
• Social services needs
• Mental /behavioral health risk
• Child health and development milestones
• Special health care needs
• Medical risk
• Health insurance
• Medical and dental services




Pathways of Care

• Behavioral Health
• Child Health and Development Education
• Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN)
• Dental Home/Referral
• Developmental Screening/ Referral
• Employment
• Family Planning
• Health Insurance
• Housing
• Immunization Screening/ Referral
• Maternal Loss
• Medical Home/Referral
• Pregnancy/ Postpartum
• Perinatal Loss
• Smoking Cessation
• Social Service Referral
• Transition of CYSHCN 14+ yrs.
Care Coordination

• Link patients and families with resources to facilitate referrals and respond to medical and social service needs
• Communicate Care plans and goals and proactively track patients as they go to and from clinical care to communities
• Identify and refer eligible high risk patients to available EBHV Programs

For more information please contact the Hamilton County CHANT program at 423-209-8080.