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Hamilton County Health Department
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Chattanooga, TN 37403
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The FIMR Program provides support to parents and families whose lives have been affected by the tragic death of a child or loss of pregnancy. We attempt to learn more about the causes and factors, medical and non-medical, related to these early deaths. This information helps local agencies improve or develop better services to address the needs of women, infants, and families.

FIMR examines the social, economic, public health, education, environmental, and safety factors that contribute to the tragedy of fetal and infant loss. We conduct complete reviews of each individual loss to access gaps in services or barriers to access to needed services. We provide a chance for your baby’s story to be told, and your voice preserved through our maternal/family interview process.

·         SUPPORT needed for emotional, physical, spiritual, and social healing

·         REFERRALS to resources needed immediately after a loss

·         INFORMATION and guidance to help deal with grief and other emotions following the loss of pregnancy or infant

·         Marissa Thompson BSN, RN Program Manager

Phone: 209-8135 

Fax: 209-8241 


·         Whitney McClure BSN,RN Maternal Interviewer/Abstractor

Phone: 209-8078 


·         Rachel Cresswell Lay Outreach Worker

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