Well Child Physical Exams and Preventive Health Care

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Services are provided for children from birth up through 18 years of age (up to 20 years for some services). These services include health screenings, physical exams (EPSDTs), and immunizations to help detect health related problems early and promote optimal growth and development for all children.

Preventative services are provided at four clinic sites: Birchwood, Family Health Clinic (downtown), Ooltewah Health Clinic, and Sequoyah Health Clinic.
All services have a charge but may be discounted through a ‘sliding scale fee system’ based on family size and income. Appointments are required for some services, others are walk-in (no appointment needed). Check with the clinic of your choice if you have questions about fees or appointments

Well Child Physical Exams or EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment):

Well child exams or EPSDT exams provide for routine and periodic physical and developmental assessment of children ages from birth up through 20 years of age.
Children on TennCare are provided these exams (called EPSDT under MEDICAID) as part of the basic TennCare services. Children not on TennCare can receive these same exam services on a ‘sliding scale’ or discount fee system.

Well child exams (EPSDT exams) are provided at each of the following: Birchwood Health Clinic, Family Health Clinic, Ooltewah Health Clinic, and Sequoyah Clinic. Appointments are required for these services. Parents are requested to bring a copy of the child’s immunization record to the clinic at the time of the exam. Call your health care provider or one of our clinics to make an appointment.

EPSDT stands for Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment is a program of scheduled checkups (well child exams or a physical exam) and screenings for children ages 20 years and below to detect and treat health problems. EPSDT checkups are FREE for all children who have TennCare and are offered on a discounted fee system to those who are not on TennCare and qualify.


Many problems can be prevented or stopped before they get worse.


Checkups are needed on a regular basis to monitor growth and development. See schedule.


 Checkups include the following examinations and tests:
  • Complete physical exam
  • Eye test
  • Hearing test
  • All needed shots
  • Blood tests and lab tests as needed
  • Growth and development check
  • Nutrition check and facts on healthy eating
  • Referral to the dentist beginning at age 3 for regular dental checkups


The health care provider will make a diagnosis of anything unusual found during the checkup. Further tests or a referral to a specialist may be needed.


Referrals are made for treatment for any physical, mental or developmental problems that are found.
Remember: Take your child to your health care provider anytime your child is sick. If you or someone who works with your child suspects a physical, mental or developmental problem, take your child to the doctor even if it is not time for a checkup.
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