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Monday-Friday: 8 AM - 4 PM

(*Please note, these are not the hours for Birth/Death Certificates)

Phone:  (423) 209-8209
Fax:  (423) 209-8210

Medical Records Department

The Medical Records Department keeps medical records on file until they reach limits of retention under Tennessee State Law. Medical Records of adult patients are kept for ten years following the last year health care services were delivered. Medical records of minors are kept until the individual is 19 years old and it has been ten years since the delivery of health care services. The Medical Records Department maintains the confidentiality of medical records and protects each individual's right to privacy in accordance with State of Tennessee law and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) regulations.

Your Health Information

The Medical Records Department is the central point for release of protected health information. To request medical records, please fill out this form and mail to the address on the form:

Click here to review the Health Department's Notice of Privacy Practices (En Español PDF).

Fees for Copies of Medical Records

  • If information is released to the patient or another health care provider, there is no charge.
  • The first page is $2.00 and each additional page is $ 0.75 up to a total of 25 pages ($20.00)
  • There is no charge for pages 26 – 40
  • Any additional pages over 40 are charged at $ 0.25 per page.

Immunization Records

Tennessee State law allows for the release of immunization records to certain other agencies and facilities without a written authorization. There is no charge for a printout of vaccines and the dates they were administered.

​Click Here for Vital Records (Birth and Death Certificates)