Brainerd Healthy Living Program

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department is pleased to announce a new “Healthy Living” program to be offered free to the residents of Brainerd/37411 zip code. The goals of the pilot program are to reduce diabetes and high blood pressure among residents in the Brainerd area by:

  • Identifying residents who have or are at risk of developing diabetes and/or high blood pressure,
  • Connecting residents to community resources and clinics,
  • Teaching those identified how to manage their conditions, thereby reducing their dependence upon the healthcare system and living more independent lives,
  • Involving the faith-based communities in this zip code to host the events,
  • Engaging the community to learn more about what they can do to stay healthy,
  • Developing and leveraging partnerships with organizations such as the Health Disparities Task Force of the Regional Health Council, the Faith-Based Wellness Coalition, churches, neighborhood associations, elected officials, schools, Youth and Family Development Centers, and other community partners. 

This evidence-based “Healthy Living” program is a pilot program funded through the Health Department by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). From January through May, a series of five screening events and healthy living activities will be held for this community. The five blood pressure and blood sugar screening events will be hosted at:

Each event will be held from 10-12PM. During these times, healthy living activities will be offered, including stress management and mindfulness activities, healthy snacks and nutrition education, and interactive health education.

During each event, participants will be able to sign up for a 6-week Diabetes Self-Management Workshop, based on the results of their screenings. Research shows that those who complete this program utilize the healthcare system less, are able to better manage their medical conditions, and report a higher quality of life than before the class. 

Whether a participant is referred to the self-management class or not, everyone who participates in the Healthy Living Program will still be connected to health educators, providers, and resources to help them improve their health or stay healthy, receive education about healthy food and recipes, get connected with a clinic to manage diabetes or high blood pressure and participate in fun and relaxing activities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Leah Jaspers at (423) 209-8246 or email at