Health Promotion & Wellness

The Health Promotion and Wellness section promotes the health, safety, and wellbeing of Hamilton County residents. Our programs serve individuals, communities, and organizations in 4 main areas:

·         Healthy Living and Wellness

·         Violence Prevention

·         Nicotine Prevention and Cessation

·         Highway Safety


Nikki Poulin, MPH, TTS

Health Promotion Programs Manager


Haleigh Dunning, MPH

Public Health Educator, Chronic Disease and Wellness Program



Monica Thompson, MPH

Public Health Educator, Sexual Violence Prevention Program




Jeanette Wyatt, MPH

Public Health Educator, Baby and Me Tobacco Free Program




Jordan Armstrong, BS

Public Health Educator, Tobacco Prevention and Education Program





Holly Clark, BS, CPST

Public Health Educator, Highway Safety Program




Community Health Specialist