The Overdose Prevention program works to build local capacity to improve public health response to the substance misuse epidemic in Hamilton County. Our office monitors data to identify populations at high risk for adverse consequences from substance misuse and employs evidence-based interventions that are responsive to population needs.



Lacey Goolsby

Overdose Prevention Program Manager






Do you need help?

If you believe someone is experiencing an overdose,

call 911 immediately!

A free 24/7/365 resource for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis. Your call will be

routed to a trained counselor in the area who will provide support, guidance, and resources.



TN Redline is a free 24/7/365 resource for substance misuse treatment referrals.


A resource guide by the Hamilton County Coalition for local treatment options and additional resources.




Addiction can happen to anyone.

Some individuals can use substances without it having an effect on his or her daily life.

However, for many others it becomes something that impacts every single aspect of their life.

Addiction affects the mechanics of the brain and how information is processed. When this

happens, stopping use becomes very difficult and often requires some type of intervention.

It is not impossible, though! Below is Joy’s story. She struggled with her addiction for 30 years. She

is now in recovery and helps others overcome their substance use disorders.



Quarterly Reports

2021 Q1 & Q2 Drug Overdose Surveillance Report
2021 Q3 Drug Overdose Surveillance Report

Other Data Reports & Alert Summaries 

Approximately    people die every day from an opioid overdose.

Source: CDC. Understanding the Epidemic. Last updated March 17, 2021

The Tennessee Department of Health provides monthly reports on nonfatal opioid overdoses.

Additionally, the 2021 Annual Overdose Report is available for review.