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Environmental Health Main Number: (423) 209-8110


Environmental Health

Environmental Health is responsible for the inspection and enforcement of public health regulations in the following facilities; Food service establishments, public swimming pools, hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, tattoo/piercing studios, school facilities, day cares and organized camps in Hamilton County. We conduct food borne illness investigations, issue permits and collect mandated fees.

Environmental Health is also responsible for the Rabies Control Program in Hamilton County. We investigate animal bites for possible exposure to rabies and educate the public about the importance of keeping their pets vaccinated and to avoid wild animals or any animal that is behaving oddly or ill. We also coordinate yearly rabies clinics in Hamilton County through the cooperative efforts of the Chattanooga Hamilton County Veterinary Association, Humane Educational Society and McKamey Animal Center.

An additional program within the Environmental Health Division is the Health and Safety board. Our Enforcement Officer conducts inspections to enforce property standards for residents within Hamilton County.


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The Health Department does not conduct radon testing, however, residents can call (423) 209-8073 for more information.  To help with prevention efforts, the Tennessee Radon Program offers a free test kit, includes the kit, postage, and laboratory results. 


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USDA – Meat and Poultry Hotline: 1-888-MPHotline