Food Protection Services

Unannounced food inspections are conducted at least twice each year, in more than 1,700 food establishments in the county. The program uses a FDA-approved standardized 59-item food service establishment inspection process, with emphasis on the five risk factors that could cause a foodborne illness. These risk factors are foods produced from an unapproved source, improper hot/cold holding and cooling of Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods (formerly referred as potentially hazardous foods), improper cooking of TCS foods, cross-contamination and improper cleaning/sanitizing of utensils and equipment, and poor employee health hygiene.

Inspection scores are based on a 0-100 point scale where “Core Items” constitute 1-2 points and “Priority Items and Priority Foundation Items” 2-5 points. A permit holder shall correct a violation of a priority item or priority foundation item as soon as possible, not exceeding ten (10) days. Failure to comply with corrective actions may result in cessation of operations.

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