Health & Safety Program

The Health and Safety Board is a board of citizens chosen by Hamilton County Commissioners to address health and safety issues on personal property in the unincorporated areas of Hamilton County. The Board operates under rules and regulations regarding minimum property standards adopted through resolution by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners in 1999.

If you have complaints or concerns regarding a property in your area please contact us at 423-209-8110

Examples of Structural Public Health & Safety Problems:

  • Abandoned/dilapidated buildings

  • Debris and junk scattered on property

  • Unsecured appliances on property

  • Burned out buildings

  • Overgrown grass

Examples of Aquatic Public Health & Safety Problems:

  • Un-maintained swimming pools

  • Stacks of tires with standing water


Potential violations are discovered through citizen complaints, referrals from other agencies, inspector observations in an assigned area and systematic inspections in a target area. Once a complaint is received, an inspector will conduct an investigation to determine if there is an ordinance violation. If there is a violation, the inspector may notify the owner in writing.

Should the owner fail to comply, court action can be initiated at any time after the second follow-up inspection. The department utilizes the General Sessions Environmental Court to resolve cases where the violator has voluntarily failed to comply

If you have concerns regarding your property you may request a consultation with the Health and Safety Officer. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., 423-209-8110.