What if I am Infected?

Hep C can be cured! Treatment for hepatitis C is usually just one pill daily for 8-12 weeks, with over 90% of people successfully cured.

After a confirmatory Hep C test, the Viral Hepatitis Case Navigator – a dedicated member of the Health Department staff – will provide people with hepatitis C with the following:

  • Post-test counseling and education
  • Referrals for assessment and evaluation for hepatitis C treatment and care
  • Linkage to other support services in the area as needed
    • Substance abuse resources
    • Mental health services and resources
    • HIV (if co-infected) to Ryan White Case Manager
    • Syringe Services Programs (SSPs)

For more information check out our Hep C Resources page, or you can contact the Viral Hepatitis Case Navigator at (423) 209-8332.


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